11:25 AM - 11:55 AM BST  |  Tuesday June 20

Citation’s Approach to Data-driven Selling for Revenue Growth

Stefano Spinola
Speech Analytics Coach

Amanda Hailey
Commercial Sales Operations - Campaign Manager

Frank Sherlock
General Manager for International


The sellers that win in the current market will be those that move faster than their competitors to break down barriers to producing a compelling customer experience. Citation sells to and empowers thousands of small to medium-sized businesses across the country with their hands-on HR, health and safety, ISO certification and information security readiness services. By using analytics-based insight to improve their salespeople’s performance and judgement, Citation is simultaneously enhancing their customer’s buying experience and increasing their sales conversion rates.

Join this session, moderated by CallMiner’s Frank Sherlock, to learn how, by enforcing the right behaviours, Citation can surface opportunities for their sales teams to highlight benefits more, handle objections effectively and use winning follow on / close language at scale. They’ll share how maximising the success of their teams is fuelling their top of funnel, making onboarding new team members more efficient and generating additional revenue.