2:30 PM - 3:00 PM BST  |  Tuesday June 20

Keynote: Customer Experience: Transformation is the Problem, not the Solution

Clare Muscutt (she/her)
Founder and CEO
Women in CX Ltd


In an industry obsessed with phrases like “omnichannel-digital-transformation” and “hyper-personalisation”, at the sharp end, where the rubber meets the road, customers are not always being better served and employees are not any happier. Despite millions of dollars being spent and thousands of hours being put in, for many businesses, end users are not feeling that their experience has been “transformed” at all. There’s an argument that as 70% of ‘transformations’ fail to deliver the intended results, perhaps how we think about and deploy technology needs to change. But when dealing with legacy systems, complex operating environments and siloed organisational structures it’s not so easy to ‘do things differently’.

Join Clare Muscutt, Founder of Women in CX, in this keynote address as she shares her secret to future-proofing your customer experience through building business capabilities in ‘experience design’. Afterall, as Muscutt passionately believes “Building a brilliant customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design”.