10:05 AM - 10:50 AM BST  |  Wednesday June 21

Keynote: Understanding the Value of AI Beyond the Hype

Jeff Gallino
CTO, Founder

Eric Williamson
Chief Marketing Officer

Henry Iversen
Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Craig John
Innovation Director
Davies Group

Panos Periorellis
Principal Program Manager, AI Platform


With all the news and noise about AI in 2023 – what can businesses REALLY expect when it comes to AI impacting customer centre effectiveness and efficiency? How is CallMiner thinking about AI as part of its conversation analytics platform? And personally – how will AI impact you, your team, and your ability to effectively meet the needs of your business and the customers you serve?

Grab a seat for this keynote address as an esteemed panel of experts tackle these and other critical questions regarding the state and the role of AI in modern contact centre operations.