9:55 AM - 10:25 AM BST  |  Tuesday June 20

Coaching Done Right: Learning How (and How Not) with Ageas

Paul Whittaker
Planning Manager

John Cottrell
MI Manager

Darren Towler
Senior Analyst

David Smith
Team Leader


One of the biggest car and home insurers in the UK, Ageas has the customer at the heart of their business. Initially implementing conversation analytics to improve efficiencies, remove customer pain points and lower costs they have now used turned their emphasis on employee performance, engagement, and experience by focusing on CallMiner’s Coach product.

Join Paul, John, Darren, and Sheryl in this session, to hear how a different approach to utilising scorecards has improved how they coach consultants’ soft skills, while enhancing their monitoring of customer dissatisfaction and abusive language. They’ll share how they tracked the impact of implementing these changes, which ultimately led to better conversations with customers and an improved NPS.