12:55 PM - 1:25 PM BST  |  Tuesday June 20

Self-Service and Human Assistance: Getting the Balance Right

Jeff Gallino
CTO, Founder

Jerry Haywood

Sean Keane
Director of Consulting Services
Davies Group

Helge Bruflot
Nordic Project Manager, Customer Service


Self-service is driving more and more of our customer service interactions as organisations take an omnichannel approach to their operations. More often, customers find self-service a positive experience, if a human is there to help when needed. But how do businesses deliver the balance right and service each customer via the right channel?

Join this panel discussion, sponsored by Boost.ai and moderated by CallMiner’s Founder, Jeff Gallino, to understand ways you can use data to inform and design the right customer journey, as well as how to use the integration of analytics and chatbots to drive optimal efficiency and experiences. The panellists will also discuss how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and advancements in open-source AI, such as ChatGPT, fit into this balancing act.

More speakers to be announced soon!